The Horror of a Photo Blogger

Spooky title, isn’t it? Well, sad to say, I am not going to tell stories about real life experience with ghosts or monsters, but, a story which is like horror to me.

So here’s what happened to me. A week ago, I noticed that some of the photos here in my blog were not displayed properly and because I am busy doing real life stuffs, I did not pay much attention to it. However, upon logging in this morning, alas! All of my posts have this thing instead of the photo.


I was alarmed so I logged in to my Photo Bucket account and checked it so that I’ll be able to grasp the situation. After logging in, I saw this notification on top of the page –


I am at lost. I’m thinking if I ever did exceed my storage quota? But after reading their blog, I learned that my account have exceeded the Bandwidth Limit of 10 GB per month. This Bandwidth thing will reset in 5 days of which I am not sure if this will normalize everything. *sigh.

For a photo blogger like me, this is a panicky situation, like I am holding for my dear life. The only good thing that I was able to find out is that the reason why I even exceeded this Bandwidth limit. I read that “Bandwidth consumption” is counted by the amount of data that is transferred from my account to other sites across the web which means that a lot of people visit my blog and view the photos. Yipee~!

However, Since I am using the free account and I don’t want to upgrade to their Plus account (sorry for being stingy), I will have to find a new photo hosting site without these bandwidth terms. So, please wait for me.