Pondering over BIG episode 15

Last night, episode 15 of The Hong Sister’s drama “BIG” was aired. Stupidly, I fell asleep and was not able to watch it live. Poor me. 😦 I had to download the torrent. *Thanks Semi-fly. But of course since I have a day job which require me to be in the office for 8 hours, I still have to wait till I get home before I can watch it. So when such thing arises I relied heavily with the recap. *Thank goodness for them.

Knowing that it is the second from the last episode, I am contemplating if I want to read the recap this morning or postponed it for later and wait first for the last episode so that I can watch it all throughout. I tried and prevented myself from turning on the computer’s monitor but it does not help because my hands can’t keep off the keyboard. I gave in, turned it on, typed in Cadence’s website address, and started reading. I read through it for an hour because I have to digest every moments that KJ and DR have.

After reading, I cried BIG time. You just can’t imagine how my heart broke when KJ was pretending to not remember anything just so DR could cope up when the time comes that he and YJ would swtich back to their own bodies and KJ would not be able to remember anything.

And I have to praise Da Ran. Ah! Da Ran-ssi! Such a brave girl for fighting for her love and most notably is when she speaks up for herself and not let KJ decide on his own about their fate. I saw yesterday the still showing Da Ran in her dirty look and wondered what is with episode 15 that made my Da Ran look like that. And just because she wanted to retrieve the watch that KJ threw, she let herself get muddy and dirty. *I wonder if she stinks as well.

Surely, both of their families who doesn’t have a clue about the soul switch would have a lot of questions in their mind. So expect that these two have a lot of explaining to do in episode 16. But wait, an hour for the last episode? Will it be enough?

Tonight is the ending for BIG. Expect that I’ll be wating for it to know what will happen with these two love souls. Though, a not so good ending and an open ended ending could happen since these are really rampant in K-dramas, I really do hope that the Hong Sisters would live up to their writing styles  so that KJ and DR will have their happy ending. (Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, My Girl, Fantasy Couple, Hong Gil Dong, You’re Beautiful, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, and Best Love. All of these have happy endings, right?)

So, I am pleading! Just dont left me in tears but please mend my broken heart too.


P. S.


I need to put on pics but have to do it later since I can’t browse that much. I just can’t help but post this since it had been running in my mind since this morning. Bleh!


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