Special Project: Beautiful Love Episode 1

I haven’t watch this series in its entirety even if its only an 8 to 12 minutes drama per episode so I don’t know the conclusion of this drama. I took this up as a special project since I get inspired by listening to a JYJ song. LOLS. Also forgive me for the screen caps since the drama is released via mobile making it hard to be ripped resulting  to a non-HD quality.

Episode 1 Recap:

An old man named President Lee Tae Do is reading a book and in a voiceover tells “The author has passed away. The only thing he left is this picture book.”

Yoon Su arrives in a hotel-casino and starts to play some game. He place a huge amount of bet but it seems that the dealer is apprehensive about it so Yoon Su treathens him that he will buy the casino and fire him. After the dealer announced that there will be no more bets, Yoon Su starts sketching an image of an angel in a cardboard.


Hinata enters the same hotel-casino and complains to her friend how she there aren’t any desserts that grab her attention and that she don’t understand any of the signage on the streets. She then requested Miho that she wanted to work on other things other than desserts. Miho then gave her a whine.


While drinking the wine, hinata tells Miho how her novel got through the first round of competition for the new writers and even qualify for the second round. The two of them started talking about Hinata’s novel when Miho suddenly reminds Hinata to check on her boyfriend as her boyfriend might be chasing on another girl. Miho added up that Hinata’s boyfriend was caught cheating with a flight attendant a week ago. Miho also tells Hinata that she have had enough and is getting sick of Akira. Hinata asks how Miho knew how she felt to which Miho replies that it’s written all over her face.


Hinata is typing something at her cellphone and is contemplating as she doesn’t want to write using superficial words. She told herself that she wanted to be in a place where she could be free and that the only place where she can be free at that moment is her blog.


Hinata is typing something at her cellphone and is contemplating as she doesn’t want to write using superficial words. She told herself that she wanted to be in a place where she could be free and that the only place where she can be free at that moment is her blog.

Yoon Su, with a girl in his arms passes by which caught the attention of Hinata. Hinata assess the two as rich people. Hinata made up some stories on her mind that Yoon Su is a guy who works at a construction site and no-name girl who is with him works at a cafeteria with no money. She continues that once a year the two would celebrate no-name girl’s birthday in fine dresses and spending the money that they don’t have at a nice hotel. Hinata added that Yoon Su makes no-name girl a princess for one night. What an imagination you have Hinata!


Hinata tells herself that Yoon Su must be a gentleman but her facial expression changes when Yoon Su pulls out some bills from his pocket and gives it to no-name girl telling the girl that that should be enough for a cab.

Yoon Su notices that they have an audience. He orders Hinata to stop taking photos. He then approaches her and grabs her phone and starts throwing insults at Hinata for being Japanese. He also asks her which press sends her and starts deleting what was in Hinata’s phone.


A staff calls Yoon Su’s attention and tells him that he needs to get himself ready as he will be going to Japan the next day. Yoon Su looks at Hinata and utter that he doesn’t want to because Japan is a rotten place. Hinata scowls back that it is Yoon Su’s mind who is rotten and asks him what is he going to do with the deleted blog post.

Yoon Su shouts that he will not be going home and asks Hinata for her room number informing her that he will sleep in her room. Hinata asks Yoon Su if he is an idiot but instead of answering Yoon Su grabs Hinata for a kiss. Hinata looks surprised and became speechless while no-name girl flares up and slaps Hinata on the face. Hinata lost her balance and fell down on the couch and to add to her misfortune, the wine that Yoon Su is holding pours on her top.



Yoon Su offers Hinata some money but she rejected it calling Yoon Su a jerk. Hinata storms off cursing Yoon Su and Korea.

Yoon Su goes out of the hotel-casino and tells the staff that he will not go to Japan even if the staff kills him and starts to walk off. The staff tries to plead to him but he never listens.

On her way to her room, Hinata suddenly remembers that she forgets her pouch in the lobby and go back to get it. She then saw a sketch with an angel in it and smiles to herself.

On the other hand, Yoon Su walks alone on the street.

My thoughts:

The first episode doesn’t give me a grip of what the drama is all about really. It focuses first on the introduction of the character. What I knew is that Yoon Su is some chaebol and Hinata is an aspiring writer. Hmm… Maybe letting us first gets acquainted to the drama heroes and what they are up to with their life?

However, the opening scene got me curious who President Lee Tae Do is and who is the author that passed away that he is pertaining too. I also wonder what the book is all about, the book that President Lee Tae Do is holding.

It is also the first time that I saw Yoochun acting as some jerk because I haven’t seen him portray this kind of character. Oh well I don’t know with his character in Miss Ripley since I didn’t watch it at all. As for Oomasa Aya, I know very well that she can act. She is one of those Japanese actresses who don’t look akward on screen. But, but I have yet to feel if there is a chemistry between her and Yoochun.


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