Musings: “I Am King” movie premiere

Dongsaeng: What is the fuss? You kept on sighing like there is no tomorrow.

Eun: I Am King have had its movie premiere, I am just looking for something.

Dongsaeng: I Am King? *stares at me like I am someone from out of space.

Eun: Ya! Are you not checking the entertainment scene? What is with you? It is all over the news. Geez! It’s joo Ji Hoon’s upcoming movie.

Dongsaeng: I am not. Joo Ji Hoon?

Eun: You don’t remember him? He is the guy from Goong. I know you knew him because you watched that drama with me.

Dongsaeng: Ah… that guy who had this and that issue and decided to enter the military instead. So he is released huh?

Eun: Yeah he is and he already have projects to do mind you.

Dongsaeng: Oh okay. *rolls her eyes at me. So what are you searching for which makes you sigh like that?

Eun: Sshhh… I just wanted to know if Yoon Eun Hye attended the premiere.

Dongsaeng: I thought your forever OTP is YEH and Kang Ji Hwan?

Eun: Errr… that was when JJH is still in the military and when LTM is still showing but now that JJH is here I have to change ship. Don’t tell me you don’t like JJH and YEH. I remember you are the one who is squealing first when they have a scene together.

Dongsaeng:  Those were the days.

Eun: Yeah. And I keep on following YEH and JJH projects right after Goong. *screams

Dongsaeng: WTF?!

Eun: I found it! Go back to your room I have to stare at their pictures.

Dongsaeng: Fine! Errr… Eun eonni, when will it be shown? That I Am King movie?

Eun: On the 8th. Wait at minute… I thought you said those were the days? *throws pillows to dongsaeng.

[Credits: Sportseoul]


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