Special Project: Beautiful Love Episode 2

Special Project: Beautiful Love Episode 2

I know this photo is in no way related to the drama but I think I have to post this to make up for the not so good photos of the drama due to non HD quality of the video.

Episode 2 Recap:

We opened up with a news report that the heir to Taedo Group had arrived in Japan to oversee the takeover of Japan’s Taikoku Hotel. Oh I thought you are not going to Japan even if the staff kills you Yoon Su? When Yoon Su arrives at the hotel, one of the ushers whispered that here comes the devil. You’re going to get fired if the devil hears you. All of the staff of the hotel seems to hate Yoon Su as they express their disgust that Yoon Su is going to stay in the hotel.


Meanwhile, Hinata returns to Japan and went straight to her place where she lives with her boyfriend Akira. She then pulled the sketch from her bag and smiles upon seeing it. However, she suddenly remembers what Miho told her about Akira’s flirting with other women. Hinata started inspecting every part of the house and saw a card which I think came from a place. I am really not sure as the video is not too friendly for my eyes.


When Hinata reports for work, Miho returns her article Seoul Sweet Special and orders her to rewrite it to make it sounds more tempting. Miho explains to her that they have a tie up with an airline and hotel and they would need the reader to feel that they wanted to try the product when they read Hinata’s article. Hinata have no choice and agreed to rewrite the article but she is so pissed off and mutters to herself that Miho likes Akira that is why. Poor girl.


Hinata started rewriting her article in her place when she saw Yoon Su being shown in the television. Hinata then asks Akira to bring her to the place written in the card and asks Akira who is with him when he went to that place. Akira looks funny while trying to answer the question of Hinata. I-know-that-you-are-hiding-something. Suddenly, Akira’s phone ring and he went to go out just to answer the call giving a lame excuse that he needs to buy cigarette when there is still 2 packs of cigarette at home. Boo!


Yoon Su attended the press conference for the takeover of Taedo Group of the Taikoku Hotel and when it is his turn to give a few remarks, his sharp tongue said some words that he should not have said at all. The reporter asks Yoon Su a question and Yoon Su’s response made the head of Taikoku Hotel disappointed.


The right-hand man of Yoon Su’s father scolds Yoon Su but Yoon Su tells him that he doesn’t want to go to Japan in the first place. The right-hand man tells him that he knew about it because of her mother. Yoon Su became mad and asks right-hand man not to talk about it.


The next day right-hand man came running to Yoon Su’s room because he is late for the meeting but right-hand man discovers that Yoon Su run away. Yoon Su starts wandering on the street of Japan when he bumps off with Hinata.

My thoughts:

The question that hangs in my head on the first episode has been answered in this episode. President Lee Taedo is the father of Yoon Su. Hmm… I see. I don’t understand why Hinata is so stupid when it comes to Akira. If you know that your boyfriend is having flings then why still stay with him? Right? *scratch my head. As for Yoon Su, he is having some family issues here. I want to know why he is so angry with Japan and her mother. I think something happened in his past which makes him so mean and angry to the world. Gah! Another question that needs to be answered.

[Credits: JYJ Official Facebook, ELLE]


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