BIG BANG’s GD for 1st Look Magazine | 10.2011

Who adore GD? Raise your hand please!!! :)I know that these photos were from late last year but I feel the need to post these in my blog. I am not a fan of BIG BANG and even though news about them were everywhere especially when they were amidst the controversies, I just shrug my shoulders and doesn’t really care. But I started to appreciate them after watching them in Healing Camp and in Strong Heart YG Entertainment Special. Right after watching those episodes, I started looking for additional videos and tried listening to their songs. The verdict? I now understand why they are so popular. XD

It is not GD if he doesn’t have that loads of blings. 🙂

I remember Chopper in this picture. Do you guys know him? Oh, no offense meant GD. Maybe it is because of your hat. XD

Hmm… 1st Look Magazine adores GD as well because normally, they published 8 photos of their covers, but with GD you got 16 all in all. XD ♥♥♥

[Credit: 1st Look Magazine]

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