BIG BANG’s GD for 1st Look Magazine | 10.2011

Who adore GD? Raise your hand please!!! :)I know that these photos were from late last year but I feel the need to post these in my blog. I am not a fan of BIG BANG and even though news about them were everywhere especially when they were amidst the controversies, I just shrug my shoulders and doesn’t really care. But I started to appreciate them after watching them in Healing Camp and in Strong Heart YG Entertainment Special. Right after watching those episodes, I started looking for additional videos and tried listening to their songs. The verdict? I now understand why they are so popular.😄

It is not GD if he doesn’t have that loads of blings.🙂

I remember Chopper in this picture. Do you guys know him? Oh, no offense meant GD. Maybe it is because of your hat.😄

Hmm… 1st Look Magazine adores GD as well because normally, they published 8 photos of their covers, but with GD you got 16 all in all.😄 ♥♥♥

[Credit: 1st Look Magazine]

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