Special Project: Beautiful Love Episode 3

I am seeing Yoon Su in a new light. I swear!

Episode 3 Recap:

Yoon Su bumped into Hinata while he is wandering in the street of Japan. Hinata recognized him but Yoon Su didn’t seem to so Hinata reminds Yoon Su of what he did in Seoul:  How Yoon Su took away her mobile phone, spilled wine to her cloth, and treated her like shit. Yoon Su remembers her and offers to buy her a dress. Hinata turned down his offer and wishes not to see him anymore. Both of them go on their own way and Yoon Su mutters that he is free.


Meanwhile, right-hand man reported to Mr. Taedo that Yoon Su went missing and informed him that he postponed the meetings and interviews giving an excuse that Yoon Su is sick. Mr. Taedo tells him not to look for Yoon Su as he will be back soon. How can you be so sure?


Yoon Su went to check-in in a hotel but is informed by the receptionist that his card is not working. So this is the reason why Yoon Su’s father is so sure that Yoon Su will return. Damn! Card freezing huh!


Hinata sees Akira with a girl. Hinata tried to convince herself that Akira is not cheating on her but knows truly well that it is not true. She then ended up in a bar and drinking on her own while blogging about how she feels. However, in their home, Akira is seen reading her blog knowing that Hinata is the one writing the blog.


On her way home, Hinata saw Yoon Su who is on the street trying to sell his painting for a thousand yen. Hinata covers her face as she doesn’t want Yoon Su to notice her. But yoon Su approach her. Yoon Su comments on how wasted she is looking like she had been recently dumped by a guy. Hinata tells Yoon Su that it is not true and mock him because Yoon Su looks like a beggar.


Hinata asks Yoon Su what is he doing in the street and why he is in Japan when he clearly don’t like Japan. Yoon Su corrected her and tells her that he doesn’t like Japan, he actually hated it and added that Hinata should not ask him about the reason.


Hinata wonders what is with Yoon Su as he seems to look so down and reminisce her encounters with Yoon Su. But she looks shock when upon seeing that Yoon Su is eating her pastries. Hinata asks Yoon Su his name and Yoon Su answers that his name is Park San Soon. Why did you gave her a fake name dear?

My thoughts:

Yoon Su seems like a lost puppy. It seems like he is looking for something or maybe he is finding himself. Questions after questions are arising and the answers are not yet found. I wonder what happened to Yoon Su’s mother which made him hate his mother like that.

In a positive note, I admire him that despite being born with a gold spoon in the mouth, he chooses to stand on his own feet up to the point of selling paintings in the street.

As for Hinata, I hate her in this episode! How come this girl is so stupid? It is as clear as the sky that Akira is cheating on her but she still doesn’t even confront Akira. Oh my!


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