When this news about Onew’s middle finger floats in the internet, I just wanted to shrug my shoulders off and go on with browsing the net. But then, I remember Jay Park having the same incident as this a few weeks back. Thus led me to decide to write my take on this. First thought that crossed my mind, “Their middle finger is quite getting famous huh.” Second thought, “fer sure Onew is going to be criticized like with what had happened to Jay Park.” And yes, yes, I was right. Left and right hateful comments had flocked several discussions boards. Poor Onew. *sigh*

For an industry where image can’t be tainted, this is no laughing matter in the K-Pop industry. Why? Because these idols are modeled to maintain a clean and pure image. They are not allowed to make a mistake no matter how big or small it is. And being an idol comes with great responsibility because you have to live to what the word idol means.

Onew was said to have apologized and his agency explained that he is just goofing around with his members. Now my question is, should netizens fuss over this matter? Well everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion but as for me, we should just let this pass. People commit mistakes but this is not like Onew had committed a sin worth for him to be stoned to death. Others may disagree with me but I would just like to reiterate that if other SHINee’s members just laugh it off when Onew stick out his middle finger, then shouldn’t also we just let it pass? However, I would also take this opportunity to say a piece of advice for Onew, always be aware when the cameras are rolling. Some may understand what you did, while others will take this against you. It’s sad but that is how a celebrity life goes. As much as I wanted to say that before an idol becomes an idol he/she is also a human being will not pass as an excuse for netizens who think that such action is shameful and the idol should be reflecting on this. Nonetheless, I still stand on my opinion that such incident should not be a basis to scrutinize an idol’s whole personality.

I have read several comments saying that the hate had stemmed up due to cultural thing like what they had in their country where in sticking your middle finger is considered a sin and against moral values. As for me, I am also taught by my elders that sticking out your middle finger like that is not right. But as I grew up, I learned that this has been a normal thing for males when they are goofing around.

On the side note, With regards to this management company, I dunno. Somebody explained to me why do they keep on using the word “self-reflecting?” Let me quote what is self-reflection. “ It is one of the best methods to resolve inner conflict and gain clarity for yourself.” So by using this word, does this mean that Onew had an inner conflict which he needs to resolve? I don’t think so. I just think that Onew was just goofing around. No more, no less.

credit: [soompi; http://www.mykothum.com]


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