The Horror of a Photo Blogger

Spooky title, isn’t it? Well, sad to say, I am not going to tell stories about real life experience with ghosts or monsters, but, a story which is like horror to me.

So here’s what happened to me. A week ago, I noticed that some of the photos here in my blog were not displayed properly and because I am busy doing real life stuffs, I did not pay much attention to it. However, upon logging in this morning, alas! All of my posts have this thing instead of the photo.


I was alarmed so I logged in to my Photo Bucket account and checked it so that I’ll be able to grasp the situation. After logging in, I saw this notification on top of the page –


I am at lost. I’m thinking if I ever did exceed my storage quota? But after reading their blog, I learned that my account have exceeded the Bandwidth Limit of 10 GB per month. This Bandwidth thing will reset in 5 days of which I am not sure if this will normalize everything. *sigh.

For a photo blogger like me, this is a panicky situation, like I am holding for my dear life. The only good thing that I was able to find out is that the reason why I even exceeded this Bandwidth limit. I read that “Bandwidth consumption” is counted by the amount of data that is transferred from my account to other sites across the web which means that a lot of people visit my blog and view the photos. Yipee~!

However, Since I am using the free account and I don’t want to upgrade to their Plus account (sorry for being stingy), I will have to find a new photo hosting site without these bandwidth terms. So, please wait for me. 


Random Thoughts: I breathe, I think, I live K.Ent.

26 months had passed since I became hooked with everything Korean ent. It all started with Secret Garden, my first love. I still remember how I laugh my ass out and bawl with all my heart with each and every scenes of this drama. Other may not agree with me when I say that Secret Garden is an awesome drama, but Secret Garden opened up my heart to the wonderful world of the Korean entertainment world. While watching Secret Garden, I discovered two gems that I started to treasure – Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. I am proud to say that my love for them continues to live on up to this day. With Hyun Bin just released from the army last December, I am now on the watch for his next project. (Fingers crossed that HB and HJW will pair up again.)

During these 26 months, I started to shut myself off the television and spend more time with my pc, like it was the normal thing to do. I watched old and new dramas and keep an eye on some variety shows like Strong Heart and We Got Married. So I am very much present when Kang Ho Dong decided to take a hiatus and when Lee Seung Gi shed tears upon leaving Strong Heart. It is also the time that I even started to recap dramas but eventually dropped it off since I’m having a hard time balancing my time between career, recapping, and family and just settled on reading the works of those sunbaes of mine and learning writing styles from them.

With the addiction to the entertainment world comes the addiction with KPop songs. Blame it to those beautiful OST’s that I became totally hooked to Korean songs. I started researching the songs and eventually get a bunch of albums under my wings. If I will count my files, it will sum up to a thousand songs. Even if I am not familiar with a kpop group/artist I usually get their albums just to get a gist of how their songs sounds like and if I like it I copy it to my phone. But of course, there are only a few that I really like to listen to over and over again. J

I then started compiling magazine spreads not only of the Korean actors and actresses but also of the different KPop groups/singers. Maybe I just want to have something to look at whenever I miss them. I don’t know! But during those times when reality does not bug me up with workloads, I usually spend the day posting their photos in this blog. In just one month time, a lot of people visited my work and I am really thankful to those who appreciated and reblogged it.

 This 2013 I will try my best to continue on posting such lovely photos. I am also planning on adding some stuffs asides from the photos. I hope you all continue to love my site. Wish me luck!

Happy 2013 my chingu-ah!!!