When it becomes CAFFEINE

Caffeine. A stimulant drug and a reversible acetylcholinestirase inhibitor which may cause physical dependence or addiction.

Caffeine. That is how Asian dramas and movies as well as Korean entertainment are to me. It is my stimulant drug. The very own cause of my physical dependence or addiction.

Hey! Don’t see it in a bad light okay? 🙂 Asian dramas are my outlet. These have made me happy in numerous ways I tell you. XD. I laugh and cry with the characters. Cursed when the scene was so stupid. Dance gleefully when I got my OTP together.

I become aware of Asian dramas during my high school years. It was Meteor Garden. It was a hit, a sensation, and a much talked about drama at that time. It was my femme classmate’s everyday topic, like it was an itinerary for them to squeal everyday because of Jerry Yan. Did their squealing and raving about it piqued my interest? No, it doesn’t. XD. As I don’t know if it was really good or is it just people here are so into damsel-in-distress-always-rescued-by-the-prince story or are they tired of the same plot of our local dramas.

Being the bookworm that I am, watching television was not a necessity and dramas were not a hit for me. Although Friday night and Saturday morning were my holy hour for television since it was Power Rangers (my all-time favorite! Except when it wasn’t Trini, Kimberly, Jason, Zack, and Billy anymore) and educational programs were aired. Time passed by, Meteor Garden got a season 2 but I am still stuck up with books.

As time goes on, list of dramas which was aired on tv kept on growing. People around me goes gaga over Full House and I go gaga over documentaries. I even had a dorm mate who asked her niece who is in Korea that time to buy her a dvd of Full House. I was like, “seriously?” LOL.

But maybe my fate is really intertwined with these dramas. While I was switching channels, I saw Fated to Love You being aired. I don’t know what is with Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan that made my eyes glued to the screen. I even said hello to Mr. YouTube to catch on the other episodes and started cursing when internet connection was picking up on me. That was the start but it was really Secret Garden who opened the gates for me. This body swapping drama hit me in the head and planted something in my brain which made me a hungry-for-drama freak that I am now. I became addicted. Addicted to the point where I couldn’t last a day without watching or reading about the K-T-J world. I got a lot of DVD’s and my external was running out of space.

This world grew inside me. Don’t get me wrong, okay? I am still very much into my senses. I just can’t help adoring their works. Though some dramas are a hit or miss, nevertheless, they gave me a good ride. Watching tv was still a non-necessity but computer and internet connection is. XD. To drama and movie gods, Thank You.

Till when will it be my Caffeine? IDK! Maybe for a lifetime. 😀


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